About Meg


Hello there! As you may know from my intro post, I’m a Georgia native looking to make my way in this world. Originally from Decatur, I graduated from Decatur High and went on to attend Rhodes College in Memphis, TN where I joined Alpha Omicron Pi and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Theater. I love TV and books (you can always ask me for a recommendation, I love to get others hooked on my latest series favorites!), kids and food (but not making kids in to food), and being creative wherever I can. I’m back in Decatur with my amazing husband, Jeremy, as we move forward.

In addition to starting this blog, I’m looking to re-boot my Etsy shop — Lemongrass Boutique. I like jewelry with a classic touch and a modern flair, jewelry that can be worn for a formal occasion or just to work, and I’m looking to expand in to general gifts for all occasions.

I’m also available for tutoring, babysitting, giftwrapping, gift consulting (yes, it’s a thing!), some photography, and many other things I’ve yet to realize are marketable skills. Just ask, there’s a good chance I can figure it out!

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