Lemongrass Boutique


I started Lemongrass in 2012 as a way to make a little money on the side; childcare isn’t super lucrative and this was a nice way for me to relax in the evenings. I found a good reception for my pieces, but got caught up in the whole legitimate job thing and let Lemongrass fall by the side. With the recent loss of that time eating job, I’ve been trying to rebuild my brand and get some new items in stock to push for the holiday season!

Right now, Lemongrass is just jewelry, but in the future I hope to have general gifts (first up, herbed bath salts!), bags and scarves, and a Sorority/Fraternity shop! My big goal is the Sorority/Fraternity shop, and if you feel so inclined to assist with that goal, you can either purchase from my Etsy shop OR give a few bucks at my GoFundMe campaign!

Keep an eye out for more updates on Lemongrass!

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